Wake Up and Roar by Eli Jaxon-Bear

Wake Up and Roar is Papaji's direct transmission, revealing the possibility of immediate self realization.

New 3rd edition of the spiritual classic
by Eli Jaxon-Bear

Forewords by Gangaji and Prince Ea.
Audio book edition co-narrated
by Eli Jaxon-Bear and Prince Ea.

"Now I see why people write to me that they wake up from just reading this book!"



Known to the world as Papaji, Sri H.W.L. Poonja introduced Satsang to the West. Eli Jaxon-Bear, who met Papaji before he was well known, set out on a mission of spreading Papaji’s name and teachings to everyone: Wake Up and Roar: Satsang with Papaji is the profound result. It continues to thrive as a living teaching awakening truth seekers with authentic and grounded wisdom from this great, beloved modern Sage. Read the book that continues to impact spiritual seekers around the world.

  • Receive Papaji’s radical transmission of a silent mind.
  • Experience profound teachings infused with truth.
  • Awaken instantly through direct self discovery.

Now for the first time, the book is available in audio format; narrated by Eli Jaxon-Bear (the voice of Papaji), and Prince Ea (as the student).

Wake Up and Roar offers the reader an opportunity to awaken, here and now, regardless of your background, religion, spiritual practice or circumstances. Blending humor, logic, and illuminating storytelling, Papaji extends his gracious wisdom that speaks to the earnest truth seeker investigating the nature of mind, and addresses practical and esoteric questions such as how to be in this chaotic world and still find peace.


Gangaji with Prince Ea and Eli Jaxon-BearGangaji, Prince Ea and Eli Jaxon-Bear

"Papaji's words are signposts merely pointing. It is up to you to come into direct experience with the truth, it is up to you to 'Wake up and Roar.' The fact that you have found this book or it has somehow found you, means that you are being led by Grace. I urge you to go all the way with an open mind and an open heart."

~Prince Ea

Listen to Prince Ea's audio foreword to the book here:


Eli, Papaji, and GangajiAfter an 18 year search through all the major spiritual traditions and teachers, in 1990 I landed in Delhi in my search for a true teacher. This slide show was shot as I searched until finding a living Buddha in Lucknow. I narrate as I take you on the journey through India to the final meeting with Papaji, a then unknown teacher in the West.

~ Eli Jaxon-Bear

Wake Up and Roar reveals the final truth of how to realize yourself and live a life of fulfillment and love.

Wake Up and Roar cover 3d


We have created a short video of never before seen footage that is only available here.

Before Eli brought a video camera with him to India, there were no audios or videos of Papaji’s satsang. This video contains never before seen footage of Gangaji, when she was still Toni, walking along the River Ganga on her way to her first meeting with Papaji; Eli asking Papaji a question from behind the camera at Papaji’s home, and Gangaji’s final question to Papaji, in satsang beside the river Ganga (where he calls her Miss Toni). It also includes a private meeting with Papaji at his dining room table in Lucknow, as he gives Gangaji a teaching that is never spoken in public.

It is truly beautiful to witness both Gangaji’s and Eli’s love for their teacher in these rare clips.

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photo Eli Jaxon Bear from Wake Up and Roar book jacket

After a search took him around the world and into many traditions and practices, Eli Jaxon-Bear’s path and his search ended when he was pulled to India in 1990, where he met his final teacher, Papaji. Confirming Eli’s realization, his teacher sent him back into the world to share his unique psychological insights into the nature of egoic suffering in support of selfrealization. Eli infuses the teaching with his teacher’s living transmission of silence. He presents a unique map of egoic identification as a vehicle for ruthless self-inquiry and final realization of true freedom. He dedicates his life to passing on the transmission of his teacher. Eli currently meets people and teaches through the Leela Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to world peace and freedom through universal self-realization.


Gangaji is an internationally renowned teacher and author dedicated to sharing a path of freedom through self inquiry. In 1990, the answer to her final prayer for true help came unexpectedly, taking her to India. There on the banks of the river Ganga, she met Papaji, who opened the floodgates of her self-recognition. Today, Gangaji travels the world speaking to people from all walks of life. She powerfully articulates how it is possible to directly experience the truth of who you are and in that, discover true peace and lasting fulfillment. Her books include: The Diamond in Your Pocket: Discovering Your True Radiance; Hidden Treasure: Uncovering the Truth in Your Life Story; and You Are THAT! Satsang with Gangaji.

Prince Ea
Image courtesy of Kyer Wiltshire / KyerWiltshire.com

Prince Ea is a Poet, Philosopher, Filmmaker, Musician and social media phenom who has touched the hearts, minds and souls of millions of people worldwide. His work has been featured on Oprah and has accumulated over 500 million views on Facebook and YouTube alone. Prince Ea is devoted to growing and informing the world through the power of Love, as he believes it is the answer to every problem facing the planet today. He continues to spread that message through his authentic voice and original content.




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