The Awakened Guide: A manual for Leaders, Teachers, Coaches, Healers and Helpers.

A revolutionary hands-on manual for helping professionals addressing all levels of therapy from symptom removal to ego strengthening and finally ego transcendence.

Blending Clinical Hypnosis, Neurolinguistics, The Enneagram of Character Fixation with non-dual insights to create a new model of the psyche and the possibility of being a True Friend.

Book Review by Kirkus

The structure of the therapist-client relationship gets a revamp in this guide for life coaches, healers, and teachers. Therapy in the West includes a wide array of strategies and approaches, but when it comes to understanding a client’s spiritual motivations and aspirations, many therapy models fall short. In an effort to redefine the goals and objectives of healing therapy, Leela Foundation founder Jaxon-Bear (Fixation to Freedom, 2019, etc.) provides a concise but detailed road map to a more fulfilling therapist-client relationship.

The basic premise is quite simple; most people, the author says, are stuck in a false sense of identity that stems from the ego. This skewed, self-centered perspective not only causes suffering, but also impedes people’s ability to discover their true purpose, he says. Each chapter offers concrete examples of how professionals can integrate concepts, such as how to be a “true friend,” with illustrated diagrams that show intended results.

His topics include hypnosis, the role of the therapist, and methods for transcending ego, and, along the way, he includes probing questions. He also emphasizes the importance of staying the present moment during therapy sessions: “When you do not have a personal agenda for how the moment should be, you can experience the moment as an intimate embrace.” The therapist’s willingness to be fully engaged and “awake” is central to his or her success, Jaxon-Bear notes, which is why his book includes personal worksheets to complete after sessions, in order to track progress and client feedback.

There’s also a helpful glossary of key terms, as well as comprehensive examples of client-therapist discussions. The overall tone of the book is formal but instructive, and it’s meant for serious students who are committed to expanding their professional wisdom. Jaxon-Bear’s consistent encouragement and passion for the work shines on every page. An insightful treatise on the transformative power of self-reflection.


The skillful means . . .  in The Awakened Guide transcends its use for the amelioration of symptomatology in order to address the fundamental roots of suffering.

~Dr. Yigal Joseph, Former Director of the NYC Psychologist-In-Training Program

“The Awakened Guide is the distillation of decades of effective therapy, combined with the transcendence of egoic identity. The reader can directly experience seeing through the trance of suffering to the truth of pure Being.”

~Jared Franks, The Leela School

“The Awakened Guide offers the opportunity to consciously participate in the next wave of the evolution of the human species.”

~Lisa Schumacher, The Leela School

“By mapping the client’s reality and then altering it, Jaxon-Bear shows us how to then take away the map and reveal reality. This is a revolutionary use of therapeutic techniques. We can at last transcend the ego, the holy grail of therapy since Jung”

~Dr. Murray Korngold

Founder of Los Angeles Society of Clinical Psychologists

“The Man Who Can’t Go Into Trance”

The author

Eli Jaxon-Bear is the author of Wake Up and Roar; Sudden Awakening and From Fixation to Freedom. He has worked as a mailboy, dishwasher, steel-worker, teacher and organic farmer. He was a community organizer with VISTA in Chicago and Detroit and was in a doctoral program at the Graduate School of International Studies in Denver, Colorado. He has been living with his partner and wife since 1976. They currently reside in Ashland, Oregon.


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